Science Fiction and Me
The Past 40 Years of Living in the Future

While I make a living out of nonfiction, I sometimes consider myself to truly be a science fiction writer who just moonlights in the real world. Those of you who have the affliction know I mean. You don't choose to become an sf writer. You have to be -- because you just think that way.

I've been around the sf world for about forty years now. I've been a fan, an academic, a reviewer and critic, and a short story writer, more or less in that order, although the phases never had nice neat edges.

Here's a brief summary of my writings in the field of f&sf. I have links to all the web sites of magazines that have carried my fiction, although only a couple have the actual story posted on the site.

Tyrannosaur Faire

    It's official. A collection of all the fiction listed on this page - plus a story never before published - is now out and available for sale. Tyrannosaur Faire. You can buy the book directly from that website.

Recent Fiction


The Writers' Bloc column

    I'm also a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

    Our web site has loads and loads of information and links on all matters related to sf, sf writing, and sf writers.

    Check us out at:

    I write a column, Writers' Bloc, in almost every issue of the SFWA Bulletin.

    You can find the most recent columns at my new Writers Block columns page.

Book and Magazine Reviews

    I have an archive of the reviews of books and magazines that are stored on my computer, most of them first appearing in Tangent, either as a magazine or online. I added a new page of Reviews to the site. They are still interesting looks at an era of f&sf.

Selected Nonfiction

    Reader's Guide to Twentieth-Century Science Fiction
    Compiled and Edited by Marilyn P. Fletcher
      Anthony Boucher entry

    Retrofitting Blade Runner:
      Issues in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner and Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
    Edited by Judith Kerman
      "Subverting the Disaffected City: Cityscape in Blade Runner


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