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The Better Look Twice List of Supermarket Products That Appear To Contain Milk -- But Don't!

Product Name
Apple Butter (and all other fruit "butters")
Butter Bean
Butter Clam
Buttercup or Butternut Squash
Butterhead Lettuce
Cocoa Butter (and all other vegetable "butters")
Coconut Milk (or Cream of Coconut) (unadulterated)
Cold Cream (or Vanishing Cream)
Cream of Tartar
Cream of Wheat (or Rice, or Oats: the pure stuff, not all the flavored packets)
Cream Soda
Creme de Menthe (or creme de cocoa or similar liquors)
Milk Mushroom
Milk of Magnesia
Peanut Butter (and all other nut "butters")
Shea Butter

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