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Happy 2005, everybody. Yes, I am still answering all questions e-mailed to me. I haven't updated these pages in a while because, frankly, the questions I get today are mostly duplicates of ones I've already posted here. But the site is still very much active and I still answer every quesiton sent to me at SteveCarper@cs.com. Every message will get a personal response (well, sooner or later, but usually sooner).

If you do not receive a response within about a week, assume that the e-mail has been lost and send the message again. I repeat, I respond to every single message. If you have not heard from me, a computer intervened.

And I've just started my Planet Lactose Blog.

I'm going to be answering some questions there, just because it's so much easier to add to a blog than redo all these pages.

One way or another, I'll share all the answers with everyone. Guaranteed.

acidic stools

acidophilus pills

acidophilus pills, freeze-dried

acne and LI?

aging and LI

aging, why does it cause LI?


allergy and stomach ache

allergy and wheezing

allergy to mother's milk?

aspartame and LI?

attention deficit disorder and LI?

autism and dairy

back pain and LI?

behavioral problems, LI and?

birth control pills relieving symptoms?

breast milk, lactose in

breastfeeding, lactose and

burping as LI symptom?

calcium equals lactose?

calcium supplements

calcium, without dairy?

candy, lactose-free

casein, hydrolyzed

casein, list of products with?

cheese, lactose-free?

Chinese food and lactose

chronic fatigue disorder and LI?

constipation and LI

creamers, non-dairy

diagnose LI, how a doctor should

doctor to diagnose LI, type of

fat intolerance?

frozen yogurt

galactose, digestion of


glucose and galactose

goat milk and lactose

heartburn and LI?

ice cream, lactose-free?

Imodium containing lactose

Imodium, how it works

inheriting lactose intolerance

irritable bowel syndrome and LI

Kraft lactose-free cheeses?

LI and physical activity?

LI, caused by gene?

LI, caused by not drinking milk?

LI in blacks

LI in specialty foods?

LI late in life, becoming

LI, measuring severity of

LI, names for

LI, origins of

LI, Secondary

LI stopping naturally?

LI, worse in summer?

lactase, possible to have zero?

lactase drops

lactase pills causing symptoms?

lactase pills, dependency on

lactase pills, eating without?

lactase pills, limit to number taken?

lactase pills, how long they last

lactase pills, how long you can take

lactase pills, milligrams vs. FCC units

lactase pills, ordering from the web?

lactase pills, past expiration date

lactase pills, quantity needed

lactase pills, softgels

lactose in bananas?

lactose in beer?

lactose in carbohydrates?

lactose in chicken?

lactose in citrus fruits?

lactose in cocoa butter?

lactose in coconut milk?

lactose in eggs?

lactose in lethicin?

lactose in malt?

lactose in mayonnaise?

lactose in meat?

lactose in milk chocolate

lactose in molasses?

lactose in oatmeal?

lactose in peanuts?

lactose in Vitamin C?

lactose always listed as ingredient?

lactose and rennet?

lactose changed by baking?

lactose, manufacture of

lactose, test for?

leg pain and LI?

medications containing lactose

milk good for ulcers?

milkfat contains lactose?

mother's milk, lactose in

mutations causing LI?

osteoporosis and LI

percentages of LI in populations

pregnancy and calcium supplements

pregnancy and LI

pregnancy, lactase pills and

rennet, lactase pills and

smoking and LI?

soy yogurt helpful?

sugars, compound

symptoms from fats

symptoms from lactose in medications

symptoms from soy

symptoms duration of

symptoms, timing of

test for LI

ulcers and LI?

vegan perspective on LI

vitamins containing lactose

vomiting as LI symptom

weight loss from LI


whey protein

yogurt, lactose in