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3rd Quarter, 2000

Updated October 16, 2000

This page answers the questions that arrived in the third quarter of 2000.

Send your questions to me, Steve Carper, at SteveCarper@cs.com.

Remember, I personally answer all questions that you send me, no matter what. The ones that are of sufficiently general interest get posted here, where I hope they can do the most good.

If you don't spot your question here, be sure to check my Q and A Quick Finder Index.


Q. I have been told by my doctor that eating yogurt that contains "live and active cultures" can actually help lactose intolerance. If this is true, is it also true for the yogurt that is soy based?

    It's true that "live and active cultures" in yogurt help to digest the lactose that is present in the yogurt, but not other lactose that may be present in your diet. But soy yogurts have no lactose to begin with, so the cultures in them do no extra good.
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Q. Does vitamin C have lactose in it?

    It does not contain lactose, nor should it pose any problems for people who have LI.
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Q. Is it possible to develop ulcers in the colon or small intestine from repeated bouts of lactose intolerance? Can these bouts aggravate an already present ulcer?


Q. Can LI caught weight loss?

    Not eating causes weight loss, not LI itself. If many foods cause diarrhea, then it's natural that someone sensitive, like a young girl, would start avoiding food. It may be time to see a doctor.
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Q. Can lactase pills lose their effectiveness after several years of using them?

    There is no evidence whatsoever that this is true.
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Q. Have you any knowledge of a connection between LI milk and oatmeal? Regular milk and oatmeal?

    Of course there's a connection between LI and regular milk. But I know of nothing special about oatmeal that would make it any worse than anything else.
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