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If you are looking for people to talk to about living a nondairy life, you should take a look at the NO-MILK (Casein/Lactose/Milk-Free) List.

Messages can be posted to everyone on the list to ask for help or supply answers to others. Archived resources, on parve foods or nondairy recipes, for example, are also available at

I should warn you that Lactose Intolerance is not really the major topic on the list. Most postings are from parents of severely allergic children, whose concerns are somewhat different from our own. They must rigorously avoid foods with even the slightest hint of a dairy product, something I do not recommend for the vast majority of people with LI.

However, I learn things from the postings all the time, so why not check it out for a while in any case?

To subscribe, send an email to:

with these words in the body of the e-mail:
SUB NO-MILK YourFirstName YourLastName

When you subscribe you will get all the instructions for the list so you can configure it to your own interests. However, I find it easier to receive each day's posting in a single e-mail. To do this, include SET NO-MILK DIGEST in your e-mail to the list. If you want individual e-mails use SET NO-MILK MAIL instead.

Note: This is a new e-mail address as of 2006.

If The No-Milk List doesn't appeal to you, there's plenty else out on the Web. Go to my Links page for dozens of informative sites.

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