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My Other Books

How to Tell if Your Kids Are Using Drugs,

by Timothy Dimoff and Steve Carper

Facts on File, 1992

Hardcover, $18.95 ($23.95 in Canada); ISBN: 0-8160-2473-1

Trade Paperback, $9.95 ($12.95 in Canada); ISBN: 0-8160-2916-4

With drug use among teens rising again, this book is more timely than ever before. The facts are that the vast majority of all kids will experiment with alcohol and tobacco before they turn eighteen, and large numbers will also turn to the illicit drugs. Can you as a parent tell if your child is using or abusing drugs on a regular basis? This book gives you the basic information you need about all drug categories; the "red flags" that indicate a pattern of drug use; and tips on intervening with and helping an erring child.

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The Defective Detective:
Mystery Parodies by the Great Humorists

edited by Steve Carper

Citadel Press, 1992

Trade Paperback, $9.95 ($12.95 in Canada); ISBN: 0-8065-1367-5

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Defective Detectives

On a lighter note: after writing about kids and drugs I had to do something that was pure fun. So I ransacked my extensive collection of humor books to compile the first ever anthology of mystery parodies. All my humorist heroes are included, from Woody Allen and Garrison Keillor to Robert Benchley and S. J. Perelman, with stops along the way for Bret Harte, Bob & Ray, and Fran Lebowitz. If you love whodunits and sleuths, private eyes and spies, this book is for you.



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