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Hi, I'm Steve Carper. I've been a professional writer for over 20 years, full-time since 1990.

I've written two major books on lactose intolerance, the most recent being Milk Is Not for Every Body: Living with Lactose Intolerance. I put in a solid year of research to make it the best and most complete book on LI ever written. I hope you'll take a look at it; I think you'll be very glad you did.

Of course, I'm proud of all my other books as well. And most of you probably don't realize that I'm a writer of science fiction as well. Here's where I get to tell you about all of it.

And now you can also go to the website of my first collection of f&sf short stories, Tyrannosaur Faire.

Remember, while you should support bookstores, both online and in the real world, you can always order any of my books directly from me, even the ones that are out of print. (Except for my first book on lactose intolerance, which was totally superseded by Milk Is Not for Every Body.)

I occasionally get asked to speak, either in person or on the radio or television. When I know of an appearance in advance, I'll give the details here.

If you want me to give a talk on LI, I'm available. Send me a note at:

Milk Is Not for Every Body: Living with Lactose Intolerance -- The Book

My Other Books

The Science Fiction Pages

Tyrannosaur Faire


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