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The American Diabetes Association Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating
by Hope S. Warshaw
    Comments:  A useful guide to keep at your desk or in your car
      Amer. Diabetes Assoc. Paperback, 1998 / 483 pages / List price: $13.95
Healthy Restaurant eating

Animal Ingredients A to Z
by E. G. Smith Collective
    Comments:   A Great Book For Vegetarians, Vegans, Or Anyone Else!
      AK Press Paperback, 1997 (2nd edition) / 88 pages / List price: $7.95
Animal Ingredients AtoZ

The Authoritative New York City Kosher Dining Guide
by Bela & Benjamin Flom
      Bela Flom Paperback, 1997 / 288 pages / List price: $19.95
NYC Kosher Guide

Berlitz European Menu Reader: For Eating Out in Over 25 Countries
by Berlitz
      Berlitz Travel Guide Paperback, 1997 / List price: $8.95
Berlitz Euro Menu Reader

The Cafe Paradiso Cookbook 
by Dennis Cotter
    Comments: NOTE: Vegetarian, not vegan, cookbook.   Spectacular Vegetarian Creations.
      Attic Press Hardback, 2001 / 167 pages / List price: $27.69
Cafe Paradiso Cookbook

Canada Jewish Travel Guide
by Oscar Israelowitz
      Lambda Pub. Mass Market Paperback / 196 pages / List price: $9.95
Canada Jewish Travel

A Celebration of Wellness: A Cookbook for Vibrant Living: Over 300 Heart Healthy, No Dairy, No Cholesterol, Nonfat & Lowfat Inspired Recipes
by James Levin & Natalie Cederquist
    Comments:  Possible to whip up a quick and healthy meal in no time.
      Avery Paperback, 1995 / List price: $17.95
Celebration of Wellness

The Complete Jewish Guide to France
by Toni Kamins
    Comments:  Packed with information!
      St. Martin's Press Paperback, 20011 / 272 pages / List price: $17.95
Jewish Guide to France

Eat Your Way Through New York - A Kosher Dining Guide
by Oscar Israelowitz
      Lambda Pub. Mass Market Paperback / 125 pages / List price: $9.95
Eat Through New York

Food in 5 Languages: An International Menu Guide: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
by Elizabeth Neiger
    Comments:   Buy this book to go from English to a European language, not the reverse.
      Interlink Paperback, 1997 / List price: $9.95
Food in 5 Languages

Harriet Roth's Cholesterol Control Cookbook 
by Harriet Roth
    Comments:   Complete information with outstanding recipes.
      Plume Hardback, 2008 2nd edition / 448 pages / List price: $18.00
Harriet Roth's Cholesterol  Cookbook

Hip Kosher: 175 Easy-to-Prepare Recipes for Today's Kosher Cooks 
by Ronnie Fein
    Comments:  Great addition to any kitchen!!
      Da Capo Paperback, 2008 / 288 pages / List price: $16.95
Hip Kosher

Kosher by Design: Picture Perfect Food for the Holidays & Every Day 
by Susie Fishbein
    Comments:  A Modern Magnificently Mouthwatering Cookbook for everyone! Pretty Pictures, No Substance.
      Mesorah Publications Hardback, 2003 / 304 pages / List price: $34.99
Kosher by Design

Kosher by Design Lightens Up: Fabulous food for a healthier lifestyle 
by Susie Fishbein
    Comments:  Luscious, Healthy, and Easy to Prepare Recipes.
      Mesorah Publications Hardback, 2008 / 336 pages / List price: $35.99
Kosher by Design Lightens Up

International Menu Speller
by Kenneth N. Anderson
      John WIley Paperback, 1993 / 208 pages / List price: $40.00
Int'l Menu Speller

Julie Stafford's Juicing for Health: Over 200 Recipes for Vegetable Juices, Soups, Smoothies & Sorbets
by Julie Stafford
    Comments:   Excellent nutritional information and tasty recipes.
      Charles E. Tuttle Paperback, 1994 / List price: $12.95
Juicing for Health

Junk Food to Real Food: A Blueprint for Healthier Eating
by Carol A. Nostrand
      Keats Paperback, 1995 / 313 pages / List price: $16.95
Junk Food to Real Food

The New Soy Cookbook: Delicious Ideas for Soybeans, Soy Milk, Tofu, Tempeh, Miso, and Soy Sauce
by Lorna J. Sass
    Comments:   Difficult to read, and uses seafood. :   A fresh, imaginative look at soy, beautifully presented.
      Chronicle Books Hardback, 1998 / List price: $17.95
New Soy Cookbook
Passover by Design: Picture-perfect Kosher by Design recipes for the holiday 
by Susie Fishbein
    Comments:  WOW Awesome book Must have for the food lover. Just a collection of her recipes from all of her other cookbooks.
      Mesorah Publications Hardback, 2008 / 272 pages / List price: $29.99
Passover by Design

Smoothies: Over 100 Fabulous Blended Drinks from Breakfast Boosters to Indulgent Treats 
by Louise Pickford
      Ryland Peters & Small Hardback, 2008 / 96 pages / List price: $14.95

A Travel Guide to Jewish Europe
by Ben G. Frank
    Comments: Entertaining background, poor resource
      Pelican Paperback, 2001 (3rd edition) / 752 pages / List price: $23.00
Travel Jewish Europe

A Travel Guide to Jewish Russia & Ukraine
by Ben G. Frank
    Comments: Terrific travel guide to Russian & Ukrainian Jewish history.
      Pelican Paperback, 1999 / 400 pages / List price: $21.95
Travel Jewish Russia & Ukraine

Traveling Jewish in America: The Complete Guide for Business & Pleasure
by Ellen Chernofsky et al.
    Comments:   Exclusively for travelers who want to maintain a lifestyle.
      Wandering You Paperback, 1997 (4th edition) / 525 pages / List price: $14.50
Traveling Jewish America

The Vegan Guide to New York City-2004
by Rynn Berry
    Comments:  packed with information on vegan and vegan-friendly eating establishments throughout NYC, and is regularly updated
      Ethical Living Paperback, 2003 (rev. edition) / 92 pages / List price: $9.95
NYC Vegan Travel 2004

The Vegetarian Traveler: Where to Stay if You're Vegetarian, Vegan, Environmentally Sensitive
by Jed & Susan Civic
      Larson Paperback, 1997 / List price: $15.95
Vegetarian Traveler

Vegetarian Journal's Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants in the U.S. & Canada
by the Vegetarian Resource Group
      Avery Paperback, 1998 3rd edition / 320 pages / List price: $12.95
Restaurant Guide
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