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Feeling bad about not being able to scarf down a gallon of that favorite marshmallow chocolate chunk macademia nut fudge ripple neapolitan super-premium ice cream you used to love?

Hey, get happy. Take the LI Quiz and put a smile on your face.

And then, make to sure to have Fun With Milk! Once you enter, anything might happen -- and it's all cow-related!

And if you thought you already knew everything about milk you needed to -- you're probably right. Now get the udder truth about all the stuff nobody needs to know: 12 months of Weird Milk Facts.

2009. Yes, I know this page is horribly old and some of the links in the pages will no longer work. And some of the "facts" may no longer be true. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. There's still enough here to have some fun with.

Moo, everybody, moo.

The Stupendous, Not to Mention Mystifying, Lactose Intolerance Quiz

Hey! Let's Have FUN WITH MILK!

The Weird Milk Fact Reverse Monthly Calendar

    Now with an extra Bonus month!


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