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Acidophilus and Your Health: The Beneficial Microorganisms That Aid Digestion and Fight Disease
by Frank Murray
      Keats Paperback, 1999 / 48 pages / List price: $3.95

Be Good to Your Gut: Recipes and Tips for People with Digestive Problems
by Pat Baird
    Comments:   Good guide to food and digestion.
      Blackwell Science Paperback, 1995 / List price: $17.95
Be Good to Your Gut

Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet (formerly "Food and the Gut Reaction)
by Elaine Gloria Gottschall
    Comments:   A MUST READ for Anyone with Colitis or Crohn's Disease.     Amazing Results: No pain, no meds, excellent health.
      Kirkton Press, 1994 / List price: $22.95
Breaking Vicious Cycle

Digestive Wellness
by Elizabeth Lipsky
    Comments:   Well researched and thorough guide to alternative solutions.
      McGraw-Hill Paperback, 2nd ed., 1999 / 400 pages / List price: $17.95
Digestive Wellness

Eating Alive: Prevention Thru Good Digestion
by John Matsen
    Comments:  One of the best books ever on Digestion and Disease.   A life changing way to eat.
      Gordon Soules Paperback, 1989 / List price: $19.95
Eating Alive

Gastrointestinal Health: A Self-Help Nutritional Program to Prevent, Cure, or Alleviate Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcers, Heartburn, Gas, Constipation 
by Steven R. Peikin
    Comments:  This book [2nd edition] was a lifesaver.
      Perennial Currents Paperback, 3rd ed., 2005 / 384 pages / List price: $15.95
Gastroinestinal Health

Good Food for Bad Stomachs
by Henry D. Janowitz
    Comments: Health and Fitness Editor's Recommended Book.    Outstanding guide to diet and digestion.    The best book on the subject yet written.
      Oxford U Press Paperback, 1997 / 240 pages / List price: $15.95
Good Food, Bad Stomachs

The Good Gut Guide: Help for Ibs, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Diverticulitis, Food Allergies, Other Gut Problems 
by Stephanie Zinser
    Comments: Health and Fitness Editor's Recommended Book.   Invaluable resource for everyday folks.
      Thorsons Paperback, 2003 / 256 pages / List price: $16.95
Good Gut Guide

Healthy Digestion the Natural Way 
by D. Lindsey Berkson
    Comments: Health and Fitness Editor's Recommended Book.    Nurse's recommendation.
      John Wiley Paperback, 2000 / 256 pages / List price: $16.95
Healthy Digestion

Heartburn: Extinguishing The Fire Inside
by M. Michael Wolfe and Thomas J. Nesi
    Comments:   Help For Sufferers. 
      W. W. Norton Paperback, 1997 (reprint edition) / 192 pages / List price: $12.95
Heartburn: Fire Inside

The New Eating Right for a Bad Gut: The Complete Nutritional Guide to Ileitis, Colitis, Crohn's Disease, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
by James Scala
    Comments:  Excellent source of information
      Plume Paperback, 2000 (rev. ed.) / 280 pages / List price: $15.00
New Eating Right

Perfect Digestion: The Key to Balanced Living
by Deepak Chopra
    Comments:   A must read for anyone with any digestive complaint.    Alternative Approach for Digestive Disorders
      Crown Paperback, 1997 (reprint edition) / 127 pages / List price: $13.00
Perfect Digestion: pb

Potatoes Not Prozac : A Natural Seven-Step Dietary Plan to Stabilize the Level of Sugar in Your Blood, Control Your Cravings and Lose Weight
by Kathleen DesMaisons
    Comments: About a gazillion   reviews, with a few lower.
      Simon & Schuster Paperback, 1999 / 256 pages / List price: $13.00
Potatoes not Prozac

Second Brain; A Groundbreaking New Understanding of Nervous Disorders of the Stomach and Intestine
by Michael D. Gershon
    Comments: Health and Fitness Editor's Recommended Book.    Intricate, highly recommended story of medical research.
      Perennial Paperback, 1999 / 336 pages / List price: $14.00
Second Brain

Self Help Way To Treat Colitis and Other IBS Conditions
by DeLamar Gibbons
    Comments:  Change your diet and avoid the foods that cause problems.
      McGraw-Hill Paperback, 2001 (2nd. ed.) / 192 pages / List price: $14.95
Self Help Way

Stomach Ailments and Digestive Disturbances
by Michael T. Murray
    Comments:   It's amazing how much USEFUL information is packed into this small book
      Prima Paperback, 1997 / List price: $11.00
Stomach Ailments

Treating Digestive Conditions
by Alan Pressman et al.
      Berkley Mass Market Paperback, 1997 / 272 pages / List price: $6.50
Treating Digestive Conditions

Your Gut Feelings: A Complete Guide to Living Better with Intestinal Problems
by Henry D. Janowitz
    Comments:   This is one of my best resources.   One line is not enough to say how good this book is!     A good overview for someone new to the disease.
      Oxford U. Press Paperback, 1994 (revised and updated edition) / 207 pages / List price: $14.95
Your Gut Feelings
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