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If you want to live a symptom-free life even with LI, you have to know everything about milk. It doesn't matter whether you consider milk an evil to be avoided or a delicious nutrient bath that you want as much of as possible; your Milk Quotient is the most important number in your life.

My SuperGuide to Dairy give you the details on just about every type of milk product in the known universe, including lactose percentages for every type.

Those impatient types out there who only want the facts should head straight for my Really BIG List of Lactose Percentages. It is just that: the percentages and nothing but on 40 types of dairy product plus 35 types of cheeses.

Confused about lactates and lactylates and caseinates, all those food additives that sound as if they come from milk? Get the answers about whether you should be concerned in Dairy or Nondairy? The Experts Speak.

Lactose is a property of milk and milk is the defining characteristic of mammals. How does your favorite animal stand in the lactose hierarchy? Visit The Lactose Zoo to find out more.

If you want more proof of how thoroughly milk drenched our culture is, look at all the foods (and even non-foods) that use the names of dairy products to give them a better status, even when they contain no milk whatsoever. Better Look Twice -- things are not always what they seem!


Carper's Rules of Thumb for Buying Commercial Food Products

If you want to ensure that you get little or no lactose, avoid products in which:

  • Any dairy product is one of the first three ingredients.
  • Dried milk or dried whey in any form (except whey protein isolate) is one of the top half dozen ingredients.
  • Dried milk or whey plus a second dairy product, or three or more dairy products of any kind, are part of the ingredients (unless they are all in the 2% or below category).
  • Lactose is listed in any form. This is a last resort, but this way you won't get a steady drip, drip, drip of lactose into your system all day long, and you can save the lactose for those special foods you can't do without.


Carper's SuperGuide to Dairy

The Really BIG List of Lactose Percentages

Dairy or Nondairy? The Experts Speak

Take a Stroll Through The Lactose Zoo

The Better Look Twice List of Supermarket Products That Appear To Contain Milk -- But Don't!


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