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A New Source for DairyCare

Updated April 4, 2002
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There is a new source of DairyCare.

I have been asked by Steve Goldenberg, President of "Northern National Sales Inc., Canada's dominant sales and marketing distributer," to announce that they have "DairyCare available at really hot Canadian clearance pricing."

Here's the info.

DairyCare 30 capsule count packs are $ 7.95 CND or $5.00US.

DairyCare 60 capsule bottle is $14.95CND or $9.00US.

Please note these packs are expiry dated for Nov 2002 (30 caps) Oct 2002 (60 caps).

Minimum purchase $20.00US or $30.00 CND, plus shipping and handling $7.50 anywhere in North America.

Payment must be made with cheque or the equivalent. No credit card sales.

Order from Northern National Sales Inc.
125 Norfinch Dr unit #3
Toronto Canada
ph# 416-736-9888
fax: 416-736-8829
e-mail contact-

DISCLAIMER: I have no affiliation with Northern National Sales, nor with DairyCare.

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