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Updated June 25, 2008
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    There is a Canadian source of DairyCare. Click Here for details.

DairyCare claims to be a new way of treating the symptoms of lactose intolerance. It comes as a capsule that contains Lactobacillus acidophilus cultures. It appears to be very similar to its competitor Digestive Advantage. Or see my Digestive Advatage page on my website.

Many of the symptoms from LI actually come from the bacteria in our colons, which ferment the undigested lactose, producing gas in the process. Change the bacteria to a type that produce lactase and so will digest rather than ferment lactose and you should be able to cut down on your symptoms.

Because the acidophilus bacteria is one of these "good" bacterias, people have for years been touting yogurt as a way of treating LI.

But why eat yogurt to get acidophilus bacteria when you can just take them directly? That's the idea behind DairyCare. One capsule a day provides the same lactose digesting effect.

DairyCare can be ordered directly from their web site at this page. I don't know if their capsules are available in stores, and I don't see that information on the web site. They have a contact page on the web site for questions.

You can also try calling their customer number 1-800-903-3222.

e-mail them at:

I've received numerous emails from people telling them that DairyCare has worked for them. One typical message:

    Last night, for the first time in ages, I was able to eat a bowl of clam chowder - yes, the cream-based kind - with absolutely no problems afterward. I am absolutely sold on this product at this point.

But not everyone is happy:

    I used DairyCare for great results - for a couple of months - and then it didn't seem to work at all.

No product works equally well for everyone.

If you do try DairyCare, please send me an e-mail (at to let me know how they worked.

NOTE: I have absolutely no connection with the maker or distributor of DairyCare™. I only share information about widely available products. Take this, or any product, at your own risk, with your eyes wide open.

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