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Whoopi Goldberg is LI

Updated July 10, 1999
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For years people have been asking me about which celebrities are LI.

Beats me, I would always say.

Ask no longer. Whoopi Goldberg is all over the magazines recently wearing a lactose-free milk mustache as part of that long-running series of milk marketing ads. That's her over to the right.

There's writing over her picture because I took it directly from the Got Milk? site. You'll find her name under the Famous Faces listing, so you can read more about her and see the whole ad.

[I'm positive there was an earlier celebrity whose name I can't remember in a lactose-reduced milk mustache ad before Whoopi, but her name isn't there. Can anyone tell me who this lost lady is?]

At long last, we have a celeb to call our own.
Happy quaffing, Whoopi!

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