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I've been adding new products (and removing those that have been taken off the market) regularly. Check below for last update.

These pages will point you to every kind of milk or dairy alternative product. This is not a general vegetarian or vegan product list. Only those products which are direct competitors to dairy products are listed. So no cookies or breads or meatless "chicken" or the like. But lots of "milks" and "butters" and "pizzas" and "yogurts" and much, much more.

All products listed are intended for those who are lactose intolerant. Except for one page of Reduced Lactose products, all the other products listed are completely lactose-free. Some of these products do contain casein and so are not suitable for those with dairy alleries, those who are looking for parve products, vegans, or others who must avoid all milk or meat-derived foods. I have tried to indicate wherever possible which products contain contain and which are casein free. Ingredient lists change without notice. Always check the ingredient list on every packaged food.

If you're not sure where to find an item, look in the Product Directory first.

A complilation of every address and URL I have, sorted by product name, is in my Addresses and Links Page.

If you are looking for a more general listing of vegetarian products, the Vegetarians in Paradise Vegetarian Food Companies page is an excellent resource.

Most companies today provide a contact page rather than an email address. If I don't give an email address, assume that you have to go to the site to send in a message.





Available in Most Supermarkets

Soy-Based, Rice-Based & Other Milk-Alternative Products

International Product Information

Because You've Been Good

Comments, questions, or products I've missed to


The Usual Disclaimers
  • For the most part, I've either seen these products in stores with my own eyes or have information about them directly from the manufacturers. I've tried to update addresses and phone numbers so that they are all current.

  • What's really hard, however, is for me to know when these products go off the market. Some of them may no longer be available. Try to contact the manufacturer to be sure. Many products have either regional distribution or are carried in only a very few stores.

  • Contact information is taken directly from the web whenever possible. You may see different information on the products themselves. Both sets of information are probably valid, but web sites can be updated more quickly and easily so I'm assuming that they have the latest info.

  • A few product sightings, listed in Alternatives Reported by You Readers, have come directly from the denizens of the wider world of lactose intolerance. Many, many, many of these products are only available on a regional basis. And even then, few if any stores carry every single variety, type, or flavor of any one brand. So I am going to be increasingly dependent on you to send me info on products that I've missed.

  • Send me anything I've missed at I'll thank you, and the whole LI community will thank you.

  • All products, except for the lactose-reduced ones, are lactose-free at the time they've been added to the list. That can always change. CHECK THE LABEL. Always, always, always.

  • I've used "casein-free" or "contains casein" to indicate whether a product has milk protein or one of its derivatives. This should not be a concern for people with LI, but those with milk allergies should be careful of these products. Two further warnings:

    1. Since I have not been able to personally inspect the containers of each product for Dairy symbols, I have NOT (except for Margarines) indicated products that contain no casein but may have been manufactured on equipment that is at other times used for dairy. This may present a problem for certain especially sensitive allergic individuals.

    2. I have not yet been able to get any information at all on whether certain products I've discovered while searching the Web contain casein. I'll be contacting companies directly where possible, but you should be especially careful to check out the labeling on these products for yourself.

  • The listing only contains products that are direct alternatives to or substitutes for dairy products. Milk-free cookies, cakes, breads, cold cuts, soups, and whatnot are easy to find and easy to make. Search those supermarket aisles; check out health food stores; get a lactose-free cookbook; be adventurous.

  • Most large supermarket and pharmacy chains, as well as discounters like Wal-Mart, have house brands of such staples as lactose-reduced milk or lactase pills. These are often made by the very same people who make the better known brand names, but are less expensive because they have fewer marketing dollars as part of their price. On the other hand, there's no guaranteeing this and there is no guaranteeing that they are as effective. Try them, but with caution.

  • Products go on and off the market without notice. I can't guarantee that any product, variety, or flavor is available.

  • Companies form and go out of business also without notice. I've tried to confirm that all these companies are active as of the dates above, but you never know. They also move, change phone numbers, and switch web sites, and sometimes don't bother to change what's printed on their labels until they are all used up.

  • If you know of any websites that I've missed, please send me that URL.

  • Please assume that all product names listed here are brand names and are protected by registered trade marks or service marks.

  • I do not endorse the use of any of these products. I do not get money from any manufacturer. I am independent, impartial, and non-judgmental. If you want to try them, feel free. If you want to avoid them for any reason, that's fine by me, too.
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