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Nondairy Milk Substitutes

Updated Feb. 5, 2007

Addresses and Links for this page

Complete List of All Addresses and Links

Remember that many supermarket chains carry a house brand usually costing far less and working just as well.

Note: Most companies today provide a contact page rather than an email address. If I don't give an email address, assume that you have to go to the site to send in a message.

March 12, 2006: Vitamite appears to have been taken off the market.

Coffee Creamers

Non-Dairy Creamer: powdered
Fat-Free; Lite; Original; Royale
contains casein; marked "not a source of lactose"

Carnation Coffee-mate
Non-Dairy Creamer: contains casein; liquid; refrigerated
Original; Original Fat Free; Original Low Fat
Non-Dairy Creamer: contains casein; powdered
Original; Original Lite

Coffee Rich
Non-Dairy Creamer: casein-free; frozen
Original; Fat-free

Farm Rich has been discontinued

Non-Dairy Creamer: casein?; liquid; refrigerated

Taam-Tov Instant Creamer
Non-Dairy Creamer: casein-free; powder
canister, packets

Flavored Creamers (all contain casein)

Carnation Coffee-mate
Creamer: liquid, refrigerated
Amaretto; Café Mocha; Chocolate Raspberry; Cinnamon Vanilla Crème
French Vanilla; Hazelnut; Irish Crème; Toasted Almond
Vanilla Caramel; Vanilla Nut
Fat-Free Creamer: refrigerated; liquid
Café Mocha; Irish Crème
Carb Select Creamer: refrigerated; liquid
French Vanilla; Hazelnut
Latte Creations: refrigerated; liquid
Clasic; Mocha; Vanilla
Flavored Creamer: powdered
Cinnamon Vanilla Créme; Creamy Chocolate; French Vanilla; Hazelnut;
Irish Crème; Vanilla Caramel; Vanilla Nut
Fat Free Flavored Creamer: powdered
Creamy Chocolate; French Vanilla; Hazelnut

Flavor Charm
Flavored Creamers:
Amaretto; Chocolare Swirl; Cinnaminbunn
French Vanilla; Hazelnut; Irish Cream; Original
Fat Free Flavored Creamers:
French Vanilla; Hazelnut

International Delight
Fat Free Flavored Creamers:
liquid, refrigerated
Amaretto; Cinnamon Hazelnut; French Vanilla; Irish Creme
Flavored Creamers:
liquid, refrigerated
Amaretto; Canela; Chocolate Cream; Cinnamon Hazelnut; French Vanilla; Hazelnut
Irish Creme; Kahlúa; Southern Butter Pecan; Vanilla Hazelnut; Vanilla Toffee Caramel

Whipped Topping

Cool Whip
Non-Dairy Whipped Topping: contains casein; frozen tub
Regular; Free; French Vanilla; Light; Strawberry

Kineret Non-Dairy Whipped Topping
casein-free; frozen container

Real Whip
Frozen Topping: Original
contains casein; [lite and fat-free contain milk]

Rich Whip
Liquid Frozen Topping
casein-free; frozen tub

Soyatoo Whipped Soy Topping
casein-free; shelf-stable aerosol container
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Addresses and Links

Carnation Coffeemate
Nestle Beverage Division
800 North Brand Blvd.
Glendale, California 91203
818-549-5718 fax

Cool Whip
Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
Consumer Response Group
1 Kraft Court
Glenview, IL 60025

Coffee Rich
Morningstar Foods Inc.
Dallas, TX 75225

Dean Foods Consumer Response
P.O. Box 763
Horsham, PA 19044-0763

Flavor Charm
Dean Foods Consumer Response
P.O. Box 763
Horsham, PA 19044-0763

HP Hood Inc.
90 Everett Ave.
Chelsea, MA 02150-2301

International Delight
Dean Foods Consumer Response
P.O. Box 763
Horsham, PA 19044-0763

Kineret Consumer Relations
The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.
4600 Sleepytime Dr.
Boulder, CO 80301

Real Whip
Rich Whip
Rich Products Corporation
PO Box 245
Buffalo NY 14240
e-mail them at

Soyatoo Soy Whip

Taam Tov Foods
188 28th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232

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