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Lactose-Free Chocolate!

Updated August 27, 2007
A Quick Word
You should already know that most dark (or bittersweet, or semisweet) chocolate is normally milkfree. (Cheaper brands often include milkfat as an ingredient. This contains no lactose, but those who need to avoid dairy for other reasons, including those anaphylactic to dairy proteins, will want to avoid these brands. Fortunately there are many brands of excellent chocolate, domestic and imported, and vegan and kosher brands that have no milkfat or dairy of any kind.) For those who want even more assurance, here are sites that sell non-dairy (usually kosher pareve or vegan) chocolate of every possible sort and type.

Pareve foods must be completely free of any and all dairy products, and so must vegan foods.

Have delicious fun.

    The Usual Disclaimer: I'm just passing along some information here. I haven't actually ordered anything from any of these sites. They sound good, but lots of things sound better on the Web than they actually are. So approach them with the usual amount of caution. OK? Then surf away.

    Sites are listed in alphabetical order.



Genevy Chocolates
English translation by Google
This Brazilian firm makes soy chocolates without lactose, gluten, or genetically modified foods. They have a page of chocolates for Passover as well.
Genevy Soy Chocolates
São Paulo, Brazil

Phone: (11) 5588-3139/(11) 5588-1962

Send email to:



Chocolate Decadence
The good folks over at Chocolate Decadence sent me this press release:
"Five years ago, two chocolate-loving friends, one a dedicated vegetarian, the other allergic to dairy, were unable to get really good-tasting chocolate they would be willing to eat. They decided to do something about their problem. They decided to make their own.
"After much research and experimentation, they came up with a really delicious chocolate with no dairy. Realizing that there were a lot of other people in the world like them, they decided to form a company to market and distribute their dairy-free chocolate. They named the company Chocolate Decadence, and it has grown each year ever since."
Their site lists many, many varieties of chocolates, even chocolate dinosaurs for kids of all ages, as well as brownies and truffles. They say their chocolate are: "Dairy-Free ~ Lactose Free ~ Casein Free ~ Gluten Free ~ Vegan"
1050-D Bethel Drive
Eugene, OR 97402

Toll free: 800-324-5018
Tel: 541-607-9073
FAX: 541-607-6373

Send email to



Chocolate Emporium
Home to tons of orderable kosher and parve chocolates. And they wrote me to say that they "manufacturer only pareve chocolates run on dedicated pareve machinery." That's your best guarantee of lactose-free assuredness.
14486 Cedar Road
Cleveland, OH 44121

Toll free: 888-CHOCLAT (888-346-2528)
Tel: 216-382-0140
FAX: 216-382-2161

Send email to:


Fabe's All Natural Bakery
There's more to life than just chocolate. No, really. There's also chocolate cake.
Fabe's site offers a range of vegan chocolate snacks and goodies, including a 6" triple chocolate cake, a mini chocolate cake, a 6" chocolate raspberry cake, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate chip and double chocolate chip mini cookies. All are made without refined sugar, as well.
They also offer other vegan cakes, cookies, pies, and muffins.
Fabe's All Natural Bakery
1145 Arroyo St Unit B
San Fernando, CA 91340

Tel: 818-838-6633
FAX: 818-838-6638

Send email to:



Indulge In
Indulge in Chocolate? Sounds good to me. Check their page of vegan chocolates.
They want you to know that: "The sugar in our vegan chocolates is made from the sugar beet and does not involve the use of bone char."
11 Mohawk Trail
Burlington, NJ 08016

Toll free: 877-762-9321
Tel: 609-239-1704
FAX: 413-793-4366

Send email to:



A Lot of Chocolate
Here's a UK site that has a line of chocolate bars, truffles, and more that they describe as "dairy free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans." Some are also gluten- and/or wheat-free.
A Lot of Chocolate
Douglas House
33 Douglas Road

0118 9 012 210 (9am to 5.30pm mon-fri)

Send email to:



Another UK firm that makes a variety of vegan chocolate bars that are also gluten-free.
Of note is that they describe a couple of their bars as "milkier" in taste; i.e. closer to milk chocolate than to the usual dark chocolate.
Plamil Foods Ltd.
Folkestone, Kent. CT19 6PQ
Untied Kingdom

phone 01303 850588 (24 hours)
FAX: 01303 850015

Send email to:



Rose City Chocolatier
Rose City Chocolatier specializes in importing rare, all natural chocolates from Belgium. They have a large selection of vegan chocolates, from cordial cherries to coccoanut marzipan.
They too use sugar beet processed sugar so that no animal products are involved in any way.
Rose City Chocolatier, LLC
14 Myrtle Avenue
Madison, NJ 07940

Toll free: 866-236-0606
Tel: 973-236-1139

Send email to:



Scharffen Berger
Scharffen makes a line of high-end chocolates that are completely dairy-free.

From their FAQs:
    We cannot guarantee that all of our products are completely nut and dairy free. Our manufacturing facility is completely free of nuts and dairy. However, some of our products are wrapped off-site. The machinery used to wrap our products is also used to wrap other products which contain nuts/dairy. While these machines are cleaned before our products are wrapped, we cannot guarantee that there will not be a trace amount of nuts/dairy in our product.

    These products include our 1 oz. and 3 oz. bars, Bittersweet Chocolate Chunks, and Cacao Nibs.

    If food allergies are a concern, we encourage you purchase the 9.7 oz Home Chef Bar or a larger size. These bars are made and wrapped in house, and therefore are 100% nut & dairy free. Additionally, our cocoa powder is nut & dairy free.

They use refined sugar so the decision as to whether they are vegan is yours.
Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker
914 Heinz Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94710

Tel: 510 981-4050
FAX: 510 981-4051

Send email to:



Sweet William Soy Chocolate
Australia checks in with the Sweet William line of vegan, dairy-free, Halal cerified, soy chocolate bars.
Varieties include original, rice crackle, roasted almond, cane sugar free, and tangerine, among others.
Sweet William Pty Ltd
PO Box 637
Matraville NSW 2036

Phone: 1300 656 223 Customer Hotline (Australia)
+ 61 (0) 2 9316 7177
FAX: + 61 (0) 2 9316 6882

Send email to:


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