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Lactose-Free Cheese

Updated July 30, 2007
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I can't count how many people have written me asking for real cheese that contains no lactose.

Even though most aged cheese has little or no lactose, some people are still concerned about that residual amount left. Well, worry no longer. I've found a source.

Lifetime brand cheese, which is available nationally, has just added a new line of fat-free cheeses that they have labeled lactose free. No explanation of how they achieved this feat, unfortunately – the labels are remarkably uninformative – but the cheeses come in small block packages and in at least three flavors: Cheddar, Jalapeno Jack, and Mozzarella.

NEW! Update July 30, 2007

From the Lifetime website


Unfortunately, due to the high cost associated with shipping refrigerated cheese, Lifeline Food Company can no longer offer this service to our customers.

Our products will continue to be available in retail stores throughout the country and we will continue to expand our distribution into more areas.

We thank our customers for their loyal support of our products. Please call us if you would like to see Lifetime cheeses in your local stores.

For more info:

You can find other real milk lactose-free cheese in the Product Clearinghouse on the Reduced Lactose Products page.

Happy eating!

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