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Digestive Advantage

Updated June 25, 2008
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In concept, Digestive Advantage™ is the same as DairyCare. They both contain Lactobacillus bacteria to colonize the intestines with "good" bacteria that manufacture their own lactase to digest lactose, along with 3000 FCC units of regular lactase.

The difference is that Digestive Advantage™ uses a different Lactobacillus strain that the makers, Rofay Biomedical L.L.C., claim is "extremely resistant to wide variations in temperature and acid pH and other environmental factors" so that it "easily survives the stomach."

You take two capsules on day one and day two because it takes about 24-36 hours to colonize. After that take one capsule a day, unless you are extremely sensitive, in which case continue taking two capsules a day. The capsules, which are kosher and made of gelatin, can just be swallowed, or opened and the contents poured into a hot or cold drink.

As with all probiotics, antibiotics can block the bacteria's growth and cause a return of symptoms.

Many, many people have written to me very favorably about Digestive Advantage.

One very typical example:

    After 35+ years of fooling around with various remedies and prescriptions, this product permits me to eat dairy and drink milk without ANY problems.... It's great.

I'm not going to post them all here, but I've also received numerous other reports about how well it works for people. You can read a large number of them on my Planet Lactose blog at Digestive Advantage Update. Nothing works for everyone, of course. You should decide for yourself.

Updated contact information (May 2006):

  • Consumer information:
    Help line: 1-800-456-0276.

    Main Phone: 440-229-5200

    Fax: 440-229-5240

  • Ganeden Biotech, Inc.
    5915 Landerbrook Drive, Suite 304
    Mayfield Heights, OH 44124

  • Emails:

You can get a free sample at this page.

If you do try Digestive Advantage, please send me an e-mail (at to let me know how they worked.

NOTE: I have absolutely no connection with the maker or distributor of Digestive Advantage™. I only share information about widely available products. Take this, or any product, at your own risk, with your eyes wide open.

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