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Dairy-Free Cheesecake

Updated May 1, 2002
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Cheesecake? Who doesn't love that rich, creamy taste and texture? But eating it is like a mouth full of milk.

So here's some good news. I recently was told about not one, but three sources of dairy-free cheesecakes.


The nice folks at Clarendon Cheesecakes just sent me an e-mail to let me know that they make eight flavors (Original NY Style; Raspberry Swirl; Strawberry Swirl; Cherry Swirl; Blueberry Swirl; Pumpkin; Cappucino; and Black Raspberry) of dairy-free cheesecakes that they will ship throughout the U.S.

Visit them online at They prefer to take their orders from the web.

But you can also reach them in the old-fashioned ways.

Customer Service
Box 148
Clarendon, NY 14429-0148
866-742-2253 (toll-free)


Sefika has just opened an online store named Delicious Choices to sell cheesecake over the Internet. You'll find it at:

Delicious Choices makes a half dozen varieties with no milk products and no animal products of any kind, making them completely vegan. They use soy cheese, non-dairy sour cream, and non-dairy whipped cream in place of milk.

The site says, "We make our cheesecakes on Monday and Tuesday. Cheesecakes require one day to "breathe" after which we immediately freeze them for shipping. We ship the cheesecakes on Wednesday and Thursday." Emergencies and special orders may be able to be accomodated.

Prices are from $23.00 - $33.50. 2nd day air shipping must be added.

Their regular mail address is:

Delicious Choices Inc.
4524 Eagle Ridge Road
Lincoln, NE 68516

To order call: 402-890-3413

or E-mail them at


I also got an e-mail from Vince Enslein, who wrote to tell me of a bakery that makes "really great tasting" cheesecake that's completely dairy-free and parve.

I couldn't find any mention of them on the web, but the address is:

Cheese Cake Sapienza Pastry Inc.
1376 Hempstead Tpke.
Elmont, NY 11003

To order call: 516-352-5232

Happy eating!

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