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The products on the Reduced-Lactose page are true dairy products.
They will have little to no lactose, but will contain milk proteins.
They are not intended for those who are vegan, allergic to milk, or in any other way trying to avoid dairy

Complete List of All Addresses and Links

Type of Product Where to Find It
Beverage Blends Beverages - Other
Blintzes Pizza and Pasta
Cannoli Pizza and Pasta
Cheese Cheeses
Reduced-Lactose Milk Products
Cottage Cheese Reduced-Lactose Milk Products
Cream Cheese Cheeses
Coffee Creamers Nondairy Milk Substitutes
Flavored Creamers Nondairy Milk Substitutes
Frozen Desserts Frozen Desserts
Frozen Novelties Frozen Desserts
Grain-Based Beverages Beverages - Other
Gravies Other
Ice Cream Reduced-Lactose Milk Products
Ice Cream Substitutes Frozen Desserts
Margarine Margarines
Milk Reduced-Lactose Milk Products
Mousse Other
Nut-Based Beverages Beverages
Pastas Pizza and Pasta
Pizza Pizza and Pasta
Pudding Other
Powdered Drinks Beverages - Soy
Beverages - Other
Rice-Based Beverages Beverages - Other
Shortening Margarines
Soups Other
Sour Cream Other
Soy-Based Beverages Beverages - Soy
Spreads Other
Whipped Topping Nondairy Milk Substitutes
Reduced-Lactose Milk Products
Yogurt Reduced-Lactose Milk Products

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