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Updated January 21, 2007

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Over to UK (and Germany) Lactose News

With the growing number of speciality products that can only be found in Canada, I thought it was time to organize them all into their own page. Many U.S. products can be found there as well, of course, so these are just a fraction of the total.

In fact, during a recent trip to Toronto I stopped into a health food store and a large supermarket. Frankly, the range of products in each of these rivals what you'd find in similarly-sized stores in the U.S. There were lots of soy and rice drinks, Becel non-dairy margarine, several tofu cheese substitutes, frozen non-dairy pizzas and pastas, and more. (Wish I could say more, but I managed to lose my notebook.) I have to think that whatever the problems were in the past, Canada has caught up with the U.S. in almost every way.

For those who don't live near well-stocked big city stores, I'll continue to report on Internet and speciality products here, especially purely Canadian ones. If you can supply more info about Canadian products, e-mail me at

NEW! Thanks to Paul Berry for information about Natrel's fascinating new lactose-free milk. See below for details.

Unable to get a good supply of lactase locally? Here are several Canadian sites that may be what you're looking for.

Received back in January 2003. "I'd like to take a moment of your time to introduce our company, Aurium Pharma Inc. We are the exclusive distributors for Lacteeze tablets and drops in Canada. Not only do we ensure the products are on shelf in Canadian stores but we also offer Lacteeze online. Specifically, Extra Strength Lacteeze (100 chewable tablets), Children's Lacteeze (100 chewable tablets) and Lacteeze Drops (15.5ml).... I invite you to visit our site at

The Canadian online pharmacy Global Drugs carries many varieties of Lactaid and one type each of Lacteeze and Lactrase tablets. Prices are in U.S. dollars. To find lactase go to the OTC Drugs page and click on ANTACIDS for Lactaid or on DIET - SUPPLEMENTARY FORMULA for Lacteeze or Lactrase.

And one more possibility. UK correspondent Bunni Burey reports Gelda Scientific, a Canadian manufacturer of Lacteeze lactase enzyme and of Lacteeze lactose-free ice cream, is a supplier to turn to. I've talked to Kesh Gelda and he says he will ship lactase pills and drops essentially anywhere in the world. You can e-mail him at

For more on Gelda and Lacteeze drops, including a direct link to their order form, see my Lacteeze Drops page.

Both DairyCare and Digestive Advantage contain beneficial lactobacillus bacteria and lactase and claim to eliminate symptoms from LI just by taking 2 pills a day for two weeks and then a pill a day thereafter. I believe both companies will ship to Canada, although I don't yet have confirmation of that. If you want more information, see the links on my Lactose News page.

Gretchen Isenhoff at Vitasoy was nice enough to e-mail me. She wants those of you in Canada to be aware that Vitasoy is available in Canada as Non Dairy Soy Drink, the equivalent to Vitasoy's Natural Soy Drink in the states. I assume that the flavors I list on my non-dairy beverages soy page are also available in Canada, but I'll double check with her. Thanks for writing, Gretchen!

According to Michele Marques, "in the Toronto area, the grocery stores which carry lactose-free cheese are Pusateri's (on Avenue Rd. and Lawrence) which has several no-name brand varieties; Loblaw's SuperCentre (a national chain) carries lactose-free swiss cheese (it says "Lactose-Free Grubec" on one side, but I'm not sure about the brand), and havarti; as does the Longo supermarket chain."

And Michael Green says that "At least several stores in the Fortino supermarket chain carry soy cheese substitutes as well as Lacteeze products."

Don Marcotte reports a new soy beverage called Sensational Soy, made by Beatrice Foods, available at Dominion.

You might want to also check out the Food Additives and Ingredients page in my Milk-Free Bookstore. I just found a new book called Hard to Swallow, the Truth About Food Additives, by Doris Sargeant. This is the only Canadian-oriented book on food additives, specifically on the Canadian Food and Drug Act. So much is different in Canadian law compared to the U.S. that this book is really a find.

Internova's products, including Yü Organic Soya and Multi Grain Beverage; Yü Organic Rice Beverage; and Earthshake Soy and Oat Beverage are no longer available.

More info as you send it in. That's why this is called a Clearinghouse!

Liv-N-Well Gluten Free Foods

    I found Liv-N-Well because it came up as the Canadian mailorder source for English Bay Original Non Dairy Vegetable-Based Beverage (see below).

    Liv-N-Well distributes Vance's similar potato-based non-dairy beverage powder and Rice Dream beverages as well, along with other dairy alternatives.

    As the name indicates, most of the products it distributes are gluten-free and it also has "low protein" goods. It says it will ship products worldwide.

    For additional information call 877-270-8479.

    Or write to:
    Liv-n-well Distributors Ltd.
    #1 - 7900 River Road
    Richmond, BC
    V6X 1X7

Natrel Lactose-Free Milk

    Natrel has developed a new type of 99.9% lactose-free milk. It says it uses a "unique filtration process" which filters out 60% of the lactose before lactase is added to eliminate the rest. The result is said to be a lactose-free milk that tastes more like regular milk without the additional sweetness that breaking the lactose down into glucose and galactose normally creates.

    The milk comes in 2% lowfat, 1% lowfat, and skim, and also in chocolate 1% lowfat..

    Unfortunately, it is currently (9/25/04) available only in Ontario and Quebec, with some limited dristribution in British Columbia.

    For additional information about stores in your area, call their consumer line at 888-289-7999.

    Or write to:
    Natrel Consumer Relations
    1275 Lawrence Ave.
    Don Mills, Ontario
    M3A 3P9

Gay Lea Foods - Lacteeze Recipes

    I received an e-mail from Jean Jardine Miller of the company that maintains the Gay Lea website. She writes that:

      Gay Lea Foods is part owner of Lacteeze and produces the retail milk products in Ontario. We have been offering Lacteeze recipe booklets to visitors since the site was launched in 1998 but have only just set up recipes online.

    Gay Lea is also introducing a 2 liter carton of Lacteeze.

Yves Veggie Cheese

    Yves Veggie Cuisine is based in Delta (Vancouver) British Columbia. It carries a huge line of veggie meat alternatives and also a line of veggie cheeses, The Good Slices. They come in five flavors: American, Cheddar, Jalapeno Jack, Mozzarella, and Swiss. The slices are soy-based but contain casein. You can call their toll free line at 1-800-667-9837 or send them regular mail at:

      Customer Relations
      Yves Veggie Cuisine
      1638 Derwent Way
      Delta (Vancouver), BC
      Canada, V3M 6R9

      There's a contact page on the site for questions.

The Wide World of Lacteeze

    Lacteeze milk; Lacteeze lactase enzyme; Lacteeze ice cream; Lacteeze yogourt and frozen yogurt: the convenience of a complete line of products for the lactose intolerant, made fresh by cooperatives all over Canada.

    The Lacteeze site is run under the name of the parent corporation, Kingsmill Foods, and contains a huge amount of useful info. You can find out about retail locations as well as mail order, and find a page full of recipes for Lacteeze products.

    You can also find a selection of gluten free breads and pizza crusts made under the Kingsmill brand name.

    For additional information about stores in your area, call 416-755-1124.

English Bay Dairy Free

    English Bay makes English Bay Original Non Dairy Vegetable-Based Beverage, an ungainly name for an alternative to soy or nut beverages for those with multiple allergies. The boxed beverage comes in original and chocolate flavors and its main ingredients are "maltodextrin (from potatoes), fructose and potato starch." The Liv-N-Well site bills it as "Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, Milk-Free, Corn-Free, Soya-Free, Yeast-Free, Egg-Free, Low Protein."

    I'm not positive, but it appears to be the same company that used to be Whyte's Darifree.

    Four months after I found it, their web site is still being updated as of 9/25/04, but menus indicate that they also make "ice cream," "yogurt", and "creamers."

    For more information:

    English Bay Dairy-Free
    1066 Cliveden Ave.
    New Westminster, BCBR> V3M 5R5

    Tel: 800-399-3113
    Fax: 604-524-2505

    Or email them at

Global Drugs

    Visit their Digestive Aids section for a range of lactase products, including Dairy Digestive, Dairy Free, Lactaid (pills and drops), and Lactrase.

Products (Addresses and Links at Bottom of Page)


International Delight
flavoured creamers

Frozen Desserts

Lacteeze frozen yogourt
lactose free

Ice Cream

Chocolate, Coffee; Mango; Peach
Raspberry; Strawberry; Vanilla

Lactose-Reduced Milks

99% lactose-reduced milk
2% lowfat; skim
99% lactose-reduced milk
2% lowfat; 1% lowfat; skim
99.9% lactose-reduced milk
2% lowfat; 1% lowfat; skim


Canola Harvest
salt-free (tubs)

Milk Alternatives (all casein-free)

English Bay Dairy Free
Non Dairy Beverage (potato-based; liquid cartons or dry mix)
Chocolate; Original
Nondairy Soy Beverage (liquid)
Original; Strawberry; Vanilla
Rice Dream
Non Dairy Beverage (rice-based)
Sensational Soy
Soy Beverage
So Good
Soy Beverage
Chocolate; Original Vanilla
So Nice
Soy Beverage (refrigerated liquid)
Chocolate; Natural; Original; Vanilla
Soy Beverage (boxed liquid)
Cappuccino; Chocolate; Natural; Original; Vanilla
Soy Beverage
Chocolate; Sweetened;
Unsweetened; Vanilla/Almond
Non Dairy Soy Drink (soy-based)
Non Dairy Beverage (soy-based)

Pills and Drops

tablets; 4000 strength

Whipped Creams

light tasting; regular


Jersey Farm
Honey Vanilla; Plain; Strawberry
Swiss style
Blueberry Bliss; Cherry Comfort; Peach Pleasure;
Raspberry Refresher; Strawberry Serenity

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Addresses and Links

Canola Harvest
English Bay
1066 Cliveden Ave.
New Westminster , BC
V3M 5R5
604-524-2505 (fax)
e-mail them at:
Jersey Farm
Alamar Farms
Delta, British Columbia
Kingsmill Foods
1275 Lawrence Ave.
Don Mills, Ontario M3A 3P9


Nutrisoya Foods Inc.
St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada J2S 8K4
Dist. by Internal U.S.A. Inc
Wakefield, MA 01880
Sensational Soy
So Nice
So Nice Soy Corp.
Box 93009
Langley, B.C., Canada V3A 8H2
e-mail them at:
(Sunrise also markets the Soyco line
of cheese alternatives as well as
the Tofu Rella and Vegan Rella cheese alternatives.)
e-mail them at:


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