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As the SFWA liaison to other writers' organizations, I made it a policy to trade the Bulletin to every other interested group in exchange for a subscription to their publication. These range from full-sized magazines like the Authors Guild Bulletin, the old gray lady of writing, thick with transcriptions of panels and conferences, and full of legal updates, to the Romance Writers Reports, providing a plethora of how-to articles in every issue, Roundup Magazine, from the Western Writers of America, now featuring nonfiction about the historic west, and the SCBWI Bulletin, a compendium of information for children's book writers and illustrators, to the newsletters of the Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Novelists Ink, and the International Association of Tie-In Writers.

Although they concentrate on their individual sets of members' needs and interests, many issues of publishing and writing, selling and promotion, old media and new media, are universal. I decided as soon as I read them that I needed to share this wonderful information with other SFWAns.

That became my Writer's Bloc column, the name an inspired pun. I've maintained the column for ten years, often coming back again and again to the same issues. Writers are in the midst of the greatest period of change since the invention of the printing press, yet while this era will seem short and compressed and almost instantaneous to those looking back from a future perspective, those of us living through it must take and make the changes step by difficult step.

I hope that the information I've collected from all these different groups helps with the transition.

Please also go to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) website for the many pages posted there.

The Bulletin has its own set of pages.

Columns are posted here after the next issue of the Bulletin comes out.

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